5 Songs for Single Gals

As the self-proclaimed Bridget Jones of my friends (at the start of the first movie – not later on when she has two men chasing after her) I would like to preface this by saying that there’s nothing wrong with being single, most of the time it’s fab. However, there are times when it feels crap and lonely and you feel a bit sad. It’s times like this when I need Beyoncé to pick me up and tell me I’m better than that and to get a grip. I would apologise that some of these songs are dead cheesy, but I’ not sorry, sometimes it’s just what ya need.

Single Ladies – Beyonce

This could be replaced with so many other Bey songs, but this has gotta be the OG, and the one that every girl turns to when they need perking up in this situation. No-one does a female empowerment song quite like Beyonce, and makes it feel so easy to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get on with it. I can say with my hand on my heart that there’s not a time when me and the girls have gone out that this hasn’t been blasted at pres, there’s just something unbeatable about this song.

No Scrubs – TLC

I dare someone to find a better song about not needing a man. This is something I listen to every time I am getting ready for a night out without fail. It’s a tune, an anthem, it’s everything. Honestly, nothing could replace this as probably THE most empowering single gal song. It reminds you to hold out for the right person and not just any person.

Power – Little Mix

This is a newer one, but it’s bloody golden. It’s such a gem and always serves its purpose which is to snap you out of feeling sad and sorry for yourself. I honestly feel beyond powerful when I listen to this, and ready to take on anything.

F**k You – Cee Lo Green

Sometimes this is all you feel and all you wanna say, and what song is better at saying it than this one? I am realising at this point that this list of songs is sounding like the most generic night out ever and what can I say? – I’m a generic girl. Nothing feels more cathartic than being a lil bit tipsy with the gas and singing this at the top of our lungs.

Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Again, with Lady Gaga, there are so many songs that are perfect for when you’re feeling bit sad. For me, this one just actually speaks to me, because I am a firm believer that a little bit of dancing goes a long way so for me she’s just saying exactly what I’m thinking.


GIRLI – Hot Mess

This debut EP from London-based songwriter Girli has carved out and snatched its perfect place in the music industry. If I could describe Girli’s sound through comparisons it would be the best parts of the Kate Nash, Lily Allen and almost a female counterpart to people like Rat Boy and Jamie T. However, I think that comparisons don’t really do her music justice at all.Girli

From cutting, sarcastic lyrics about being sick mansplaining in Hot Mess where she makes it clear she wants to be unapologetically, authentically herself, to heartachingly relatable feelings of confusion and wanting to be good enough on Neck Contour, she has really hit the nail on the head of the feelings of so many young girls in today’s society. Having been criticised in the music industry for being “too controversial” for her look and the way she acts when there were men around her acting out in a much crazier way, she puts her thoughts across in a fun-but-feisty way on the title track. Can I Say Baby is surely a song that so many people can relate to about a topsy-turvy-confusing-as-hell Relationship, it’s written in such an interesting way and the way it tells a story is just amazing, to be honest.

Seeing Rat Boy really emerge over the past year or so had really made me think about that genre of music and how it is really lacking female voices. Maybe it is because it makes people uncomfortable to see girls acting in the same outrageous way and saying things that people perhaps don’t want to hear. Whatever the reason it seems that Girli doesn’t care, and thank god because this EP feels like the start of something very special.

5 Songs for This Week 24.07.17

Another pretty laid-back week for me, nothing too exciting, but it’s been nice to be home and catch up with old friends and just do nothing together. However, there’s been some cracking Album releases this week and some songs that I’ve really been in to.

You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

Sunday marked 6 years since Amy died, and every day I think about how heart-breaking it is to have lost someone who was as bursting with talent as she was. This is by far my favourite Amy song, and I’ve never been – and never will be – bored of listening to it. Of course, all her songs were beautiful and emotional but this one has always caught my attention because I really think you can feel every word. It’s not that I can relate to this song, but I think it’s such a different way for a song to be written. In a way, I guess it’s a love song, but it’s from a different angle to most, and that’s what makes it such a stand out song for me.

Into Yellow – Martin Luke Brown

Oh my days this song is gorgeous. Something I’ve always loved about Martin’s music is how personal it seems, and there’s something about his recent songs, and especially this one that have an extra level of vulnerability and honesty, which is lovely to see in music, because sometimes that honesty can be lost along the way. Into Yellow is a million miles away from his earlier releases, but I like that, it shows that he’s experimental and yet you can always tell if a song is his, because there’s just something about his music that sets him apart from other artists that would be classed as similar to him.

Tokyo – Dan Croll

I’ve been buzzing for this album for a while, because Dan Croll is yet to release a single song that I’ve not been into. This is probably my favourite song off the new album, there’s just something so groovy (I know that is a super mum word but it’s actually appropriate) and different about it, and it just really stood out to me. I put it on for my friends the other day and didn’t get shouted at to change the music – which is rare. I honestly think the whole album is worth a listen, but this song in particular is proper good.

Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya – YONAKA

This has crept into my running playlist over the last week, I find it well motivational and there’s not a chance in hell I’m stopping when this starts playing. There’s such a cool feeling to this song, and I just can’t get enough of it really, it’s like effortlessly cool. I think this band are about to have such an amazing year, I can just feel it.

Make Me Your Queen – Declan McKenna

Yet another album I’ve been beyond excited to hear, and it really did not disappoint. This song just screams Declan McKenna to me, like this is beautiful and thoughtful and clever all rolled into one, and is somewhat different to Brazil and The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, yet it’s obviously still him and oh my god I just love it.

5 Songs for This Week 17/07/17

So far, I’ve been having a pretty laid back summer, I’ve had a few driving lessons but other than that I’ve mainly just been hanging about (which I guess is shorthand for being lazy). Anyway, here are 5 songs that have been floating my boat which I think are definitely worth a listen.

Blossoms – At Most a Kiss

I bloody love this, and what I love about Blossoms is when you’re listening to their album you can definitely tell it’s them, they have a very unique dreamy sound, but throughout the album they still experiment with different sounds which makes for an interesting and engaging listen. At Most a Kiss is what I’d describe as maybe one of the rockier songs on the album, not that I would describe it as rock but there’s something pretty badass about it which I love.

Beyoncé – I’d Rather Go Blind

Not that I have to tell anyone to go and Listen to Bey, she really doesn’t need any promotion at all does she? However, in honour of the birth of her twins I’ve rediscovered (as if it ever went anywhere) my love of her and her music. I guess this would be one of her less known songs. I was introduced to it by my friend Katie who insisted that I watch Cadillac Records and listen to this song (she was right, it’s a great film). Anyway, this is a beautiful song and is definitely shower worthy because you can really (attempt to) belt it out.

Grace Ackerman – Feel like Home

Blimey, this is a bit of a tune. Grace has such an amazing voice and as her first solo track Feel like Home really sets the tone for hopefully many more songs to come. It’s exciting to see what she has in store for the future. To be honest it wasn’t really what I was expecting from here, but it’s been a lovely surprise and I think it’s worth a listen or two.

Jordan Mackampa – Tear Drops in a Hurricane

This song really crept up on me, I was sure that my favourite song of his was Yours to Keep, but then I always catch myself singing this to myself when I’m just walking about not thinking about anything. That is the mark of a good song for me, it really crept up on me. It’s so beautiful (as per) and now I think I’m fully addicted to it and I can’t seem to put how gorgeously blissful this song is into words.

Orla Gartland – Souvenirs

This is such a sweet song and again, it’s one that I never realised how much I listened to until I looked at my spotify statistics and this was actually dead near the top. It’s got to be something to do with the fact that it’s pretty good for all moods, like if you’re sad and need cheering up this is perfect, or if you’re already feeling happy and want to walk with an extra spring in your step this just boosts your mood even more, at least I find that’s the effect it has on me.

My Favourite Albums

Hiya, Hope you’re doing alright. I thought I’d tell you all what my favourite albums are, at the moment at least. Just a quick disclaimer that my favourite music isn’t particularly ground-breaking or exciting (wow what a super engaging first sentence), but these 10 albums are my favourites and they’re what gets me through the days. My love for music is always changing and my music taste is pretty varied, but the music I come back to tends to all be along the same vein I guess. Also, there’s no way that I can do these in any order at all, it’d take too much time and I’d never finish, and it constantly changes so this is in no way an exhaustive post.

The Kooks – Inside In Inside Out

This is an album that I can listen to over and over and The Kooksover again from start to finish and never even think about getting bored. There’s always a different song that stands out to me, or I notice something new in one of the songs. If I have a bad day, I put this album on and sing to it at the top of my lungs. Doesn’t matter how I sound (my flatmates may argue this point, as they’re subjected to it far too often) It never fails to make me happy. There’s no way that I can play this album and not dance around the room. Every song, from the soft beauty of Seaside to the euphoric fun of Jackie Big Tits, has a special meaning to me and I don’t think that’ll ever go away. I just have a whole lotta love for this.

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse was an actual angel and I will personally fight anyone who tries to argue with that. She was so talented and this album absolutely proves it. Yes, it’s the most iconic, popular album, but there’s definitely a reason. For me, this is where she really came into her own and you can tell how much this whole album meant to her and how she poured her soul into every word. 100% a thing of beauty this bad boy.

Catfish and The Bottlemen- The Balcony

CatfishThe first time I heard Catfish I was at Barn on The Farm in 2014 and it was literally love at first listen. Whilst I still love their second album, it’s this one that holds a special place in my heart, I don’t know if it’s because their sound is slightly less produced and more raw them, like how it sounds live. Anyway, what I love about this record is that I think it’s just them to a T, it flows completely from the start all the way from Homesick to Tyrants. Speaking of Tyrants, I heard Van McCann wrote it when he was 15, which just makes it all the more impressive I think.

The Wombats – Proudly present… A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

The WombatsWhat an album. This is another one of those kinds of upbeat-indie-dance-worthy albums. There’s no escaping songs like Let’s Dance to Joy Division and Kill the Director” that you can’t help but dance to. My favourite song on this album has to be Patricia the Stripper because I remember listening to this with my friends, and there’s not much more satisfying than singing (read: screeching) along to a song with the word stripper, I don’t know what it is but there’s something about it like.


The Vaccines- What Did You Expect From The Vaccines

The VaccinesGoddamn yeah I love this album. I remember saving up money from something and paying my mum so that I was allowed to buy this album on iTunes. I don’t know what it was about this record that captured my interest, but ever since I heard the first song, I was completely obsessed. There’s just such a cool, chilled out sound to this album, but interspersed with songs like Norgaard that make it more upbeat and change it up a bit.

Amber Run – For a Moment I Was Lost

Amber RunNow, I got a lotta love for Amber Run, yet another band that I was introduced to me by Barn on The Farm. I’ve seen them several (three?) times at the festival, and only thought to go and see them on their own at the start of this year. Now, I love their first album, but it has a slightly different sound (and meaning) than For a Moment I was Lost. I know that they had a very dark period of time between the first nd second album, to the point that they didn’t even know if there’d be a second album. However, they took these feelings and wrote some of the most incredible and meaningful songs I’ve ever heard. From the line “I know you’ll fall in love again, when you do, I hope you’ll find somebody who you can love like I love you” in Wastelands to the song Dark Bloom that is about going through a hard time, and coming out the other side.

Nirvana – Nevermind

NirvanaAnother obvious one maybe? Now, neither my parents, nor my older brother were ever that into Nirvana, so I’m not really sure what drew me to this. Obviously, I always knew Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I remember listening to the whole album whilst doing something (probably whilst revising or doing work for something), and being struck by how cool their whole sound was. I think it gained a special place in my heart after watching Montage of Heck and learning more about Kurt Cobain’s life. Anyway, it’s a truly Iconic album and for good reason and I think it always appealed to my slightly grungy side (or the fact that I wanted to be grungy, but it’s so not me).

Paolo Nutini – These Streets

Now, this is an album that I purely love for the memories it holds for me. I remember my mum Paolo Nutinidriving me to and from swimming listening to this and she would sing along (I use the term loosely because my mum has always been useless with song lyrics, but what she lacks in lyrics she makes up for in enthusiasm). Then when my friends started driving, one of my friends had this – amongst other cds – in his car and whenever we’d drive anywhere where, everyone would fight over what music we would play but we’d eventually settle on Paolo because everybody loves it and who doesn’t want to sing along to New Shoes? So my love of this record may have just been born out of convenience, but it’s definitely here to stay.

Oasis – Don’t believe the truth

OasisNow an honourable mention has to go to (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, because She’s Electric is on that album and that is one of my favourite songs of all time. However, Don’t Believe The Truth is definitely my favourite Oasis Album, and I know a lot of people don’t agree (and I know a lot who do) but there’s something about this album as a whole that just grabs me. I know Oasis’s sound always stayed pretty stable, but this is just slightly more me. Lyla and Mucky Fingers have been in pretty much every playlist I’ve made in my life because I can’t imagine a mood I’d be in where I wouldn’t want to listen to them.

Beyoncé – Lemonade

BeyonceNow, choosing a Beyoncé album that is my favourite was tricky. She’s so iconic and she has so many completely amazing songs, but it’s her most recent album that I think is my favourite. I remember finding out that she released a new song (Formation) and she did it overnight and it was so hard to find, but I was on my phone at a swimming competition and I used up all my data watching the video over and over again, so it was pretty much love at first listen. No-one can whip up a frenzy like good old Queen Bey. It’s not just the songs (which are meaningful, fun, different, sexy) but it was the film they made to go with it, the poetry and the meaning behind the whole album. If you haven’t (because it’s hard to without shelling out of the album) definitely give it a listen from start to finish.