The Magic Gang – The Magic Gang

The Magic GangAfter releasing a steady stream of EPs and countless live shows after over the past few years, The Magic Gang have finally answered people’s prayers and given us the sunshine-saturated album we’ve all been looking for. Featuring a combination of songs that already have a place in any fan’s heart, and newer ones too, this album really is an ode to their well-polished sound.

This album shows how sure of themselves and comfortable they are together as a band, for me their hard work has paid off in producing such a brilliant album full of delicate, sweet vocals contrasting with strong guitars and percussion. The timing of this album feels perfect, it’s just in time to soundtrack my summer and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

A change of pace for an otherwise pretty optimistic album comes in the form of “Take Care”, where a heavy piano focus starts and it’s really lovely to hear, and for me proves that they aren’t only capable of one thing. Taking on a break-up song that seems almost bizarrely sweet and tender.

Throughout this record their 60s influence becomes especially apparent – maybe I was just super ignorant when I was listening to their Eps, which is entirely possible. It’s 60s inspired but doesn’t feel stale or outdated. It’s a fresh, new twist on guitar-heavy music, in a time when this kind of music can often be overlooked, it’s great to see them sticking to their roots of just making great music that they clearly love.

I can honestly recommend that everyone gives this album a listen, it’s packed with lovely songs that are too good to miss.

Memories – Ady Suleiman

Ady SuleimanThis album feels like it’s been years in the making, and my god has it been worth the wait. After signing to Syco in 2016 but deciding the fit wasn’t right last year, he’s released a debut that’s sure to stop many people in their tracks. “Memories” is easily one of the best-flowing, most cohesive album I’ve heard for a long time.

The use of brass in “Longing for Your Love” especially really adds an element of interest that you don’t find so much in a lot of songs at the moment. Following on from that “Serious” is possibly my favourite song on the album – if I had to pick right now – I have found it so catchy and just a pure delight to listen to. His sound combines elements of like Blues, Soul and Jazz in a way that’s effortlessly modern. The flow of this record takes you on a journey with Suleiman in every song and they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, which feels like something he worked really hard to achieve.

Right now, I’m just gonna take a minute to gush about Ady’s Voice. It’s beyond phenomenal. He has an absolutely jaw-dropping range, and besides that, his voice is just lovely. It sounds like the feeling of eating chocolate, it’s so smooth and sweet and it just makes me so so happy. From the start of cheeky, but almost dorky “I Remember” right through to the end of “Sad Story”, “Memories” is a delight to listen to.

Overall this is honestly such a stunning debut and it really shows what Suleiman’s capable of and it feels like the start of something truly special.