5 Songs for This Week 20.03.18

Guess who’s been down a procrastination hole for the last 4 days? If you guessed me you’d be right. I have honestly spent the last three hours reading Shakespeare conspiracy theories, that no one can actually have answers to at all, but now I know a lot more than I used to about Sir Frances Bacon, so I’ll leave you to decide if it was actually a waste of time.

GIRLI – Play It Cool

Girli nails it yet again. Staying true to her often brutally honest, tongue-in-cheek style she tackles the ever-relatable issue of liking someone who doesn’t like you back. “Play It Cool” is immensely catchy, and positive despite being a somewhat depressing overall theme – but I guess life’s gotta go on hasn’t it.

Martin Luke Brown – Grit Your Teeth

I’m sorry but when did MLB start cracking out a series of solid bangers??? I must have missed that memo, but my god am I here for it. This is honestly such a bop, I had to fight not to start like dancing to it on my way home the other day, which would have actually greatly improved an otherwise dull 4-hour journey. Anyway, this is a solid song and is well worth a listen for anybody.

Amber Run – The Weight

In true Amber Run style, this is completely gorgeous. It relies heavily on vocals, so it’s a good job that this song didn’t need much else, the harmonies are delicious and as per Joe’s voice is stunning. A superb single and hopefully is just a taste of things soon to come from the band.

IDER – Body Love

Yet more tasty harmonies here. This track is a delight to listen to, it’s dreamy but fun and catchy. More Mellow than their other songs, but to me this song, in particular, made me pay attention to this duo. There’s honestly nothing not to like about this, and you’d be silly not to listen right now.

Jabbawoki – Femme Fatale

Corr, this is well groovy. I can’t really get enough of it, it’s just such a cool song, and I wanna be cool too, and listening to this will make that happen, right? It’s short and sweet, and with a catchy bassline and strong vocals, quite frankly, what’s not to like?


5 Songs For This Week 05.03.18

I am having such a dull time at the moment. I definitely shouldn’t be complaining about having nothing to do now, because let’s face it soon I’m gonna be revising again and regretting the fact that I was bored and not just enjoying being chilled out. Anyway, with my extra free time I’ve had bare time to find songs that have been floating my boat.

Isaac Gracie – Last Words

After announcing the release of his album later this year (13th April), Gracie released this updated, reworked version of his first ever release which was recorded as a demo in his bedroom. I think that if you didn’t really listen to his songs, you could be mistaken to think that he was seemingly a one trick pony and simply releases ballad after ballad, but this anguish-filled song is far from previous, softer releases from him. The fleshing out of this song hasn’t taken away from the sincerity and beauty and it’s setting him up for what’s bound to be a successful year.

Indigo Husk – Not Feeling Better

Oh baby, this is just a bloody gem and a half. The juxtaposition (thanks GCSE English) of singing about ‘not feeling better’ and those sad feelings against a happier, more upbeat melody makes this song feel like a proper anthem, and oh my god is it catchy as hell ‘n all. As per usual, they’ve injected their burst of energy and explosive sound into this track, to make it feel like a bundle of joy. Indigo Husk are off on a UK tour starting 17th June and I’d highly recommend purchasing a ticket.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

I’m pretty sure there’s no scenario in which I would not be buzzin’ to hear this song (there may be, but I haven’t thought of it yet). I just love it and I’m a bit obsessed. I’d forgotten what a sick song it was, but then I played it when I was getting ready for a night out (a side effect of having too much free time) and my love for it came flooding back to me.

Pale Waves – Heavenly

Can Pale Waves do anything wrong? I think not. I’m gutted to have missed them in Leicester the other week but listening to this has kind of made up for it (or at least made me less bitter). True to form, and classically them this is just a right Jam and is setting the Manchester-based group for a really great 2018.

Sam Clines – Sharks

This is such a tune and is yet another one I play when I’m getting ready (I really don’t have a problem, I promise). It’s soulful and cool, and a little bit weird in just the right way. Normally I’d say this more like synth-based sound isn’t something that I’m that into but this song just does it for me, and I can’t really explain why (which is great when you’re trying to write about something). Anyway, it’s a solid recommend for this.

5 Songs For This Week 19.02.18

It’s pity central over here, I’m ill and because I’m a big fat drama queen I’m pretty sure I’m making it worse. Anyway, I’ve been taking my mind of the impending doom of exam results by watching Pretty Woman and When Harry Met Sally back to back like every night, because I’m a student in the prime of my life and I wouldn’t want to waste my time, now would I?

Icarus – Dan Owen

This is beyond lovely. On the surface – as a singer/songwriter – it would seem that what Dan Owen has to offer you could find anywhere. I honestly don’t think this is true, and this new song just proves it for me. There’s something in his songs, it’s something special that I can’t place which gives them an individual charm, which isn’t just everywhere.

I’m Not Ever Coming Back Again – Lucy Whittaker

This song gets a big love at first listen. Honestly, what’s not to like about this? Her music feels clean and glossy and it’s more than infectiously good. This is everything that’s good about pop music, it’s upbeat and happy but it’s also thoughtful. I’ve just got a lot of love for this.

J.O.Y – Martin Luke Brown

So I am just LOVING this like new era of MLB music. Following the extremely positive reception of ‘Into Yellow’ and ‘Opalite’ his third single in the last like 6 months shows no signs of slowing down. J.O.Y is bloody great. It’s soulful and groovy and just the right mount of weird. Bloody love it. 10/10.

When You Die – MGMT

A big old yes for this whole album to be honest. This song is a groove, a jam, a bop and everything in-between. There’s something deliciously 80’s this, which is probably what made it jump out to me so much. It’s different to the other songs on “Little Dark Age” but I think for people who were fans of their older music, this is a pretty good way to break them into their new tunes.

Bubblegum – YONAKA

Bloody hell, these guys are cool as hell. This EP as whole is so good it’s saucy, and this is probably the most pop-y sounding song from it, but they’ve definitely put their twist and their own sound into it. Theresa has an exciting and fresh voice (I think I might be a bit in love with her, but that’s fine). I literally think this song is one that can appeal to so many audiences, and I’m so happy for them.

5 Songs for This Week 08.01.2018

A Week into the new year, the reality of having to actually get back to work and do things that I’ve been putting off has started to sink in. I’m now I’m back at uni and I’ve gotta be focussed and do exams which I am very much not in the mood for, and have needed these songs (and all 10 seasons of Friends) to help me get motivated.

Plested – Lost for Words

This is just yet another breath-taking song from Plested. His lyrics, his voice, his everything just paint the most beautiful picture. The way he writes about feeling is so real and accurate and it honestly resonates with me so much. It’s also definitely a good thing that he releases his songs as singles, because emotionally there is no way I could deal with more than one of these songs at once. Blimey, imagine the tears that would be caused on an album written by this guy.

Bleached – Wednesday Night Melody

For Christmas, my brother got me a record player, and this Bleached record. This is the song that has been stuck in my head. Their guitar-heavy indie-rock sound is so addictive it’s mad. Their fuzzy guitar definitely evokes that general sound of bands like Nirvana and it’s so nice to have some female voices on a track like this, it makes it feel so fresh I think.

Rex Orange County – Best Friend

This guy is, again, someone who writes with such raw honesty that it’d be impossible not to relate to what he’s singing. He has a completely gorgeous voice and that combined with his lyrics and production is a pretty much lethal combo, it’s hard to resist. This song in particular has really stuck out to me and I pretty much listen to it every day, I just think it’s great to be honest.

Tom Grennan – I Might

Anyone likely to get bored of hearing how great I think Tom Grennan is, should probably just not read anything I write this year, because he’s just going to be everywhere. This is just yet another fantastic song, whilst I personally loved his songs that were more stripped back and raw feeling, this is just as beautiful. There’s a soulful and gravelly quality to his voice that just begs to be listened to. “I Might” is just an insight into what’s yet to come this year.

Chappaqua Wrestling – Only You Could Know

This song has elements of sounds from all my favourite bands and artists in it and they come together to just make this incredible sounding song that has really taken me by surprise and blown me away. I feel like I’m probably just being dead dim, but I can’t find them anywhere online, which is a massive bummer. Anyway, this is such a summer song, I don’t know what makes me say that but it’s just the general feeling I get. It probably has something to do with the dreamy tone of their voice and the slightly fuzzy sound of their guitars making me feel like I’m in a hazy dream.  I’d say it’s definitely worth a listen.

5 Songs For This Week 27.11.17

I’ve been crap at writing which is weird considering I’ve been listening to different stuff all the time. I am definitely going to use Uni as an excuse. I have actually been dead busy with coursework, labs and presentations, but anyway, that’s not what this is about. My music taste has been a bit all over the place because that’s exactly how I’ve felt all month, so I guess this might make perfect sense or no sense at all.

Sam Clines – Sharks

I literally have no idea how I came across this song, but I’m well glad I did. There’s something really cool about this, and the overall sound kind of reminds me of Jack Garratt, but there’s something a bit more fresh and unpolished about it, which makes it even more appealing to me. I think that this song is one that would appeal to most people, it’s chill without being boring and there’s still an element of upbeat-ness to it too.

Bad Sounds – Are You High?

After seeing them last week I’m beyond obsessed with Bad Sounds. There’s something completely brilliant about their weird and wonderful sound. ‘Are You High?’ is completely on form for them, it’s massive. I can’t imagine a time where I’d listen to this and not want to dance, but to be honest, that goes for literally all of their songs, but I think this is a typically great song from them, that’s just setting them up for a huge 2018.

Kareen Lomax – Ivebeenupfordays

I’ve been looking for more female voices to listen to and Kareen has a bloody gorgeous voice, and her music is incredibly chilled out and beautiful. I feel like I’ve been addicted to listening to her voice, it’s so soulful and everything she sings seems so poignant, accompanied by pretty groovy melodies.

Off Bloom – Falcon Eye

I can’t get enough of Off Bloom. They’re amazing. I think the fact they’re each music producers in their own right means they know exactly what sounds good, and what people will love to listen to. Every time I’ve gone out recently (which is not often – because I’m basically an old woman now and go to bed at 10:30) I’ve played this almost on repeat whilst I’ve got ready. I find it so empowering for some reason. I think it’s beyond fab and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2018.

FREAK – No Money

The reasons I like FREAK are almost the exact same reason I like Rat Boy and Jamie T. I find the way they all right lyrics so clever and I enjoy the chaos in their sound. That sound that a song hasn’t been over-edited is something I really appreciate. No Money has got stuck in my head so many times, and I can’t complain at all, at least it’s a good song stuck in my head.

5 Songs for This Week 06.11.17

These are all pretty recent releases from these guys,  and I can’t really fault any of them at all. I fully realise I bang on about most of these guys all the time, but it’s only because I think they’re fab and I genuinely can’t get enough of them. Honestly, I feel like I have no choice when they’re putting out music like this, not talking about it would just feel wrong.

Chloe howl – Do It Alone

“Do It Alone” has really cemented the idea that Chloe Howl is making a real comeback. Not only is basically every song Chloe puts out catchy beyond belief, but she’s also possibly one of the most beautiful people in the world and I might be a little bit in love with her. “Do It Alone” is a song that’ll be familiar to so many girls, about how crappy it feels to be ‘the other girl’ and not wanting to play that role in someone else’s relationship. This sound fresh, free, sleek and polished and it’s more than you could hope for following the success of her huge return with “Magnetic” over the summer.

Indigo husk – Waste of A Year

My absolute favourite discovery of the past few months – Indigo Husk – have dropped yet another banger that is possibly their best yet. There’s a quality about their music that I literally can’t help but love and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I guess it’s the fact that their songs don’t seem over-edited or over-produced so they have this rawness to them that feels friendly and familiar. “Waste of A Year” feels pretty self-explanatory, feeling like what you had with someone was a complete waste of time and effort. Their signature style that feels like a collision of about 5 different genres at once makes this song another irresistible listen.

Marsicans – throw ourselves in

Leads based baes Marsicans are really making their mark with their upbeat-indie-dance-worthy singles. “Throw Ourselves In” is no exception to this. It’s a little more raw around the edges than their usual perfectly polished sound, and I really appreciate this slight change. I would seriously challenge someone to not fall head over heels for them after hearing this song. Detailing that feeling of being desperate to just dive head first into a relationship, regardless of whether it will end in heartbreak, they’ve come out with yet another bloody beauty.

Cameron Bloomfield – Change

If you’re not already listening to Cameron Bloomfield you’re doing something wrong. This is an absolute tune and it’s refreshingly different in the way his soulful voice really meshes well with the funk piano in the background. “Change” feels nostalgic but modern which – granted – seems like a weird mix but it just works. The whole “The Night Before” EP is definitely worth a listen but this song – the opening track is the one that immediately captured me, there was something effortlessly charming about it and to be honest I think everyone should just be listening to it right now.

Sam Fender – Start Again

My fave Geordie boy has released yet another massive song. Start again is the perfect demonstration of his soulful vocals against the guitar-heavy track is completely irresistible to me. After releasing “Millenial” a few months ago to hit back at the media always saying that millennials work too little and complain too much “Start Again” feels equally politically charged.  Attacking the world as we know it. Whilst I love a good romantic, cute song as much as the next person, something that really appeals to me about Fender’s music is that it’s not all love songs, it’s often more tongue-in-cheek and critical of society, which makes him really stand out as someone who’s going places.


5 Songs For This Week 16.10.17

The mornings are darker and the days are shorter, and whilst I love the way the weather starts to turn and the colour change that comes with autumn, I can’t help but miss summer and everything it brought with it. One thing I really miss is not waking up to cold and dark, I literally never want to get out of bed at the moment, though I guess that could have something to do with the fact that I don’t want to go to lectures.

Will Joseph Cook – If You Want to Make Money

In absolutely typical Will Joseph Cook style he’s dropped an absolute banger on us. This is just what you’d expect from him, a super catchy, fun songs that you’ll find it tough not to listen to on repeat. This seems to have more of a direct message than some of the tracks on his debut Sweet Dreamer, in that he’s kind of taking the piss out of all these lifestyle bloggers and people who show their perfect life online and are clearly ridiculously rich. Packaging this message in a typically-Will punchy, colourful poop sound is the perfect way for him to express this.

Isaac Gracie – Silhouettes of You

I honestly completely forgot how talented this guy was. Isaac Gracie actually some of the most beautiful lyrics and a completely stunning voice. This song in particular is what’s made me remember why I loved him so much. To me when I listen to this it makes me thing about chasing memories and how it’s never good thing to keep dwelling on the past. It’s just an almost painfully beautiful song and I can’t really get over it.

Fickle Friends – Hard to Be Myself

Yet another absolute tune from Fickle Friends, after the release of Glue I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to recreate how good that was, but they’ve completely smashed it with this. This is exactly what I love about this band, they make such cool synth-based-pop that I just can’t resist dancing to. It just makes me move and that’s the sign of a good song

Jordan Mackampa – Battlecry

EYY I’M SO PROUD OF THIS GUY. Not only is this an amazing song, as always, but this has been chosen as the opening song on Our Girl. I was so proud when I heard this at the start of the show, what a star he is. It’s no surprise that they chose this song, there’s something super cool about the sound of this song, it’s somewhat different sounding to some of his other songs but I absolutely adore this song and think there’s something so powerful about it.

Trevor Sensor – The Reaper Man

My god, this guy is so talented it’s mad. There’s something about his voice that I just can’t get enough of, and whilst I prefer the older version on this song that’s not on his recently released album Andy Worhol’s Dream, it’s a bloody good song either way it’s just personal preference I guess. I like hearing his voice against a more stripped back track. I love when it’s just him and his guitar because his talent fully just shines through and is so obvious I don’t think he needs the extra production. Anyway, this is just such a good song and I always catch myself walking around the house singing it.

This is a very male-heavy week, I really want some more female voices to listen to. I feel like a lot of my playlists are lacking some female influence. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

5 Songs for This Week 02.10.17

I started lectures again today, after a summer that felt like forever and damn, am I feeling rusty. It doesn’t feel right to be going back to living and breathing Chemistry after having all this time off, but back to it I guess.

The Lafontaines – Under The Storm

This got me through this morning. It’s probably more rock than I normally listen to but it still retains that kind of indie sound that tends to run through most of what I listen to. I love this because it’s both happy and makes me feel like I could kick ass at the same time, which is the ideal Monday morning pick me up.

Sundara Karma – Another Word For Beautiful

In the words of the song itself “Is there another word for beautiful, because beautiful doesn’t quite cut.” That’s literally how I feel about this song, there’s something quite haunting about this song and it is so so gorgeous and after hearing it live, it’s one that really stuck out to me that I’d never paid much attention to before. It feels pretty short and sweet but the sentiment behind the song is lovely and I just can’t get enough of it really.

Bad Sounds – Zacharia

Oh damn, this song is fresh. I think Bad Sounds have a unique sound that’s a mix of so many genres and it all comes together in this melting-pot-of-amazingness. I think that pretty much whatever you’re in the mood to listen to, you’d be satisfied listening to this. Pure funky this is.

Lina Maly – Schön Genug

I haven’t listened to something German in a while. I’ve missed it, when I was learning German I used to listen to German music all the time to improve my accent and generally pick up more of the language (a top tip, if you ask me). I stumbled upon this completely by accident when I was listening to Jesper Munk and I’m so glad I did because she has such a beautiful voice and it’s getting me back into listening to more German music.

Iluka – Blue Jean Baby

Goddamn I wish I’d found this at the start of summer! I bloody love this and it could’ve so been my summer anthem. She has quite a country soulful voice which works so well on this song. I really just wish I’d found it earlier, not that it’s going to stop me listening to this at all.

5 Songs for This Week 18.09.17

I’ve so missed going to gigs for a while and it was so nice to have one to look forward to this week, all my pals from  home are either off back to  uni or starting this year, so I popped home to say bye to  them and wish them all luck before I don’t see them for a few months The reality of going back to uni again has just hit me, I got my timetable today and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of work I’m going to have to do.

Martin Luke Brown – Opalite

After not releasing tunes for a while Boy is really cranking them out now! This is fully a Tune, a Groove, a Bop and everything in between. This is pretty different to anything he’s made recently, which have all been really beautiful and heartfelt. The intro is really reminiscent of Alt-J, but once he starts singing it changes the whole vibe of the song. I’m really into the stronger beat of this song compared to his other stuff, and I’m so happy he’s starting to make more experimental music, because that’s what I love about his music is that he’s not scared to make something super cool and experimental.

Billy Sanders – We Like To Dance

Oh Lord, I love something a bit more acoustic and this is just hitting the spot for me at the moment. He has a gorgeous voice and this is easily my favorite of his songs. It’s just a short, sweet song and there isn’t much more to say really. It’s gorge and I won’t hear anyone say differently.

Clay – Saint

Ahead of going to Neighbourhood with my pal, I’m trying to listen to a few more of the acts, and this song by Clay is so so goddamn catchy. I really like this, the kind of electronic tone is really appealing to me at the moment, and I’m buzzing to see them live now. This is so chill but also cool and fun and I just think it’s definitely worth a listen. Their other songs are lovely to listen to too, but this one is just slightly different to me and that’s why it’s really jumped out at me

Hey Charlie – Hey

This is something pretty different for me at the moment and is taking me back to the days where I used to exclusively listen to Nirvana because of the fuzzy, grungy guitars. It’s nice to have some female voices on a track like this because it creates a contrast, as most of the girls I listen to sing much sweeter, more relaxed songs (which I also love) but this is just a cool change and a different sound.

Trevor Sensor – Judas Said to Be a Man

This is definitely my Brother’s influence; Trevor Sensor is his fave at the moment and it means that whenever I’ve seen him I’ve been listening to him. This is a more upbeat song and I love love love his voice. That gravelly rough tone mixes so well with a rougher more low-fi guitar-led track. I bloody love something more folky-sounding and this, and it’s exactly what’s been missing from my playlists for a while.

5 Songs for This Week 11.09.17

I’m actually starting to get so bored and restless with nothing to do here (which is something I’ll deeply regret saying as soon as I’m mildly busy). I’m just kind of walking round with no real purpose, which was nice for a bit, but now I feel like I need to be doing something.

Bellyaches – No Hot Ashes

This is a proper tune and it’s undeniable. It’s one of those that makes you do a lil’ strut walk when you’re listening to it (which I personally dig) and there’s something about the slightly gravelly vocals that makes the sound super cool. It’s a song that I’ve been loving for a while now and I always make people listen to it when I see them because I just think it’s got something for everyone.

Better Now – Etham

This song is bloody gorgeous. Etham has such a beautiful voice that I think it’s possible that he’s an actual angel. Oh my god there’s something in the beauty of this that makes it the perfect shower song (which doesn’t sound like I compliment, but I can assure you it is). This, and his previously released single Control have both made it clear that Etham hasn’t come to play, he’s seriously talented and is sure to move on to big things.

Systematic – King No-one

These guys are really cracking out the singles ahead of their uk tour, and the frequency of release should in no way be seen as a negative reflection on the quality of them. They release beautiful song after beautiful song, and there are some really cool (and glitter filled) videos to go along with them. If you can snag a ticket to one of their shows later this month it’s deffo worth going to.

Girlfriend – Fears Chella

Fears Chella have a kind of a California sound to them, which is probably something to do with their laid back fuzzy guitar and romantic lyrics. Anyway, that’s beside the point because whatever their sound is, really works. They’re definitely worth a listen, and especially this song because I just can’t get enough.

Expolre – Sundara Karma

I’m feeling so ready to see these guys again at the end of the month. This song is my favorite of the second release of their album, it’s got kind of a different sound for them but I’m super into it. I love these guys and how theatrical and cool all their music is, and I think everyone should be listening to them.