Who to See at… 110 Above

110 above is a festival I’m completely desperate to go to. For the last few years I’ve watched their carefully crafted lineups and beautiful stages continue to grow into a festival that seems to have so much character, with a stunning atmosphere. But alas, my student budget can’t stretch to a ticket, but that doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t go. If you’re heading to 110 above, ideally, you’d see everyone, but we don’t live in a perfect utopia and you gotta make some decisions, so these are the people that you gotta see. You just can’t miss them. Non-negotiable.

Jade Bird – We love a queen with a set of lungs. Jade Bird has a beautiful voice and a tonne of fabulous songs on top of that. There’s no way you’d be disappointed seeing Jade. She can give you smooth and sweet acoustic sounds but that’s not all she’s got up her sleeve. She can whack out a right banger, the release of “Lottery” proved that without a doubt.

Jordan Mackampa – Talking of lovely voices, Jordan has easily one of the loveliest voices I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing live. I’ve seen pictures of his set from this festival last year, and it looked so beautiful it made me feel green with jealousy that I couldn’t have been there. His songs are completely, breathtakingly honest and beautiful, and on top of that, he has a pretty good vibe about him as a person. All round lovely guy and definitely worth checking out.

Flyte – You’d have to be completely out of your mind to miss an opportunity to see Flyte. They’re mesmerising on stage and I bet that this festival creates just the perfect atmosphere to listen to them in, oooh I’m getting chills just thinking about it. The release of their debut album “The Loved Ones” last year proved their talent and I think you can’t help but love them as a band. Anyone who’s seen them will testify that they’re utterly fab.

Keir – Now, if you love a bit of drama (which we all do, come on) Keir is the one for you. He has this presence and energy on stage that is pretty much indescribable. Keir’s voice is phenomenal, it’s absolutely huge. He’s released song after song that have all been equally impressive and I think adding him into your weekend plan couldn’t be a mistake.

Casey Lowry – Feel good indie tunes and a pretty face, honestly what more could you want? Casey Lowry is the kind of act that sticks with you after a festival, I’ll bet. Let me paint a picture, it’s sunny you’re outside, beer in hand and you’re listening to this guy play some of his gorgeous songs, now that’s a picture I would like to live out. Casey has a few singles that I just can’t recommend enough, he has already been picked up by Radio 1, and there’s bound to be more to come for this guy.


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