Fenne Lily – On Hold

Fenne Lily on holdThis debut is a treat for all the senses – mostly the ears, but what you do in your free time is your choice, innit. From start to finish it’s a journey of beautiful melancholy seemingly fuelled by a deeper frustration.

Having released her first single “Top to Toe” in 2016 this album has come at the perfect time and features all 6 of her other previously released singles as well as several new songs which people are sure to eat up. There feels like there’s a level of catharsis to her music. It seems like a way of releasing the pain of heartbreak and feelings of unease that often come as a part of life, and she does it so beautifully that they become completely delightful to listen to.

It’s hard to pick specific moments on an album that’s full of songs that feel poignant and are quite frankly heart wrenching listen to at points. Early on she repeats the line “Please don’t leave” on the track “Three Oh Nine”, expressing feelings of loneliness and rejection that you can’t help but feels sympathy towards her for.

For me, the stand out track is “The Hand You Deal”. I think her voice really soars and stands out with the backing of a more stripped back acoustic backing. I just genuinely think it’s a beautiful song. Something else I love about this album is the low-fi rawness of it, it makes it feel more personal in a way. I love the use of more rock-influenced guitar against her delicate vocals, which makes for a really interesting and fresh sound.

Fenne exposes a level of vulnerability and rawness that makes her music and songwriting really stand out. Nothing feels manufactured or artificial. This is what I think sets her apart from a lot of other singer-songwriters at the moment, I am always in awe of people who can put feelings into words as perfectly as Fenne Lily manages to on this stunning debut. There’s clearly more to come, and it’s going to be interesting to see what she does next and where she goes.


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