George Ezra – Staying at Tamara’s

Staying at Tamara'sOh George, how I’ve waited for this album and I can honestly say this ode to escape was worth the wait – 4 years feels excessive but if that’s what it took to make this, I’m happy. Having released “Wanted on Voyage” in 2014, “Staying at Tamara’s” feels like its older, cooler sibling, with a name coming from the woman who owned the Airbnb in Barcelona where he wrote the album. In a welcome return to form, Ezra delivers a record filled with sunny positivity, it’s uplifting in comparison to his somewhat-brooding earlier work.

The overall sound of this album feels more mature, but it’s unrelentingly happy in a way that’s irresistible. He completely understands what makes a song that people want to listen to. His songs all build to an utterly infectious chorus, the most prominent of which I would say is “Shotgun”, I haven’t been able to get out of my head in days, but there’s no complaining from me because there are worse things to have stuck in your head.

The album opens with the stunning “Pretty Shining People” which I’d say is basically the perfect opener, it sets the tone for the start of the album, starting with slightly weary lyrics but reassuring the listener with words of encouragement “Hey pretty smiling people, we’re alright together”. The album seems to build to an apex at “Paradise”, it’s loud, powerful and it feels special when you’re listening.

Everyone knows by now that George Ezra has an incredible voice, it’s delicious and smooth and deep and my gosh it’s just lovely. His voice is really shown off on the gorgeous “Hold My Girl” which with its thoughtful lyrics and relatively stripped-back sound is sure to become a favourite amongst fans. As a whole, the album takes you on a journey starting with being happy in the face of uncertainty, something everyone needs at this point in time, through to the slower, calmer tracks towards the end of the record.

It was a stroke of genius featuring folk-sensations First Aid Kit. “Saviour” offers something different and explores a side to his music that we haven’t really seen before. Now, when I say this just bear in mind that I LOVE GEORGE EZRA, but it’s nice to see someone not wrapped up in the idea of being cool, he’s pretty calm with who he is, and the idea that whilst his music appeals to everyone, it’s especially loved by mum’s – he’s a very mum friendly guy, old George. I love that, and that alone makes him pretty cool I think.

This is a completely delightful album, filled with dreamy happiness. Listening to this can’t help but put a smile on your face no matter what mood you’re in. “Staying at Tamara’s” is ready to go out into the world and impress huge crowds, and I want everyone to appreciate how fab George Ezra is.


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