Tom Grennan // Rock City // 24.03.18

29405472_380779575724633_863142034_oHaving now packed out what would generally be considered to be the holy trinity of Nottingham venues (The Bodega, Rescue Rooms and Rock City), Tom Grennan returned to make it clear that he’s here for total domination.

29633342_380780139057910_1564122318_o.jpgThe first support act was Zuzu, who was simply equipped with her guitar on stage. She seemed like such a tiny presence, but her voice more than made up for it. Her vocals soared, and she just generally seemed pretty cool. I can only imagine that she’d be insane with a whole band behind her too. So I’d be excited to see what else she has to offer.

Ten Tonnes was the second support and I was so grateful because I’d been dying to see him live for what feels like ages. I bloody love him and think he’s fab. He seems effortlessly cool and his joy-filled-indie-rock really hits the spot. He’s starting to make a name for himself having also supported the likes of Rat Boy and Stereophonics this year, and is already announcing a stream of festival appearances, for what I assume is going to be a very busy summer. He’s a talented performer, with a sick voice – which goes without saying – but he’s29632686_380779939057930_67425086_o also a talented songwriter, making his songs addictive to listen to. He has an understanding of what makes songs good and interesting to listen to, which makes all his music fantastic.

Then came Tom Grennan. It’s a testament to him that he sold out Rock City. Without releasing an album. That just doesn’t happen! It’s not the way it works. It’s insane, which is probably how you could describe Mr Grennan’s rise over the past year. I’ve seen him a few times now, and every time he’s grown into a bigger and better performer. I think his popularity is in part due to the kind of person he is. Of course, his songs are great – that’s why people eat them up and can’t get enough – but he’s infectiously happy and positive, there seems to be a level of disbelief at the sheer volume of success he’s having. His humbleness and genuine gratefulness is something I hope never leaves him because it’s a joy to see, to be honest.

29527380_380777599058164_1103515597_oGrennan can put on a bloody show, and at this point, it seems effortless. He’s dancing and bouncing all over the stage, interacting with the crowd and generally having a great time. On that note, it was one of the most diverse crowds I’ve seen in Nottingham, there wasn’t a dominating gender or age, which just goes to show that his music appeals to everyone, which is only gonna serve him well.

I love Tom’s music, but I love it 1000 times more live. The boy has some pipes, I really cannot fault his voice at all – seriously, the voice of an actual angel. There’s no arguing with that, it’s just a fact, but when it’s live his music has a slightly undone, rawness to it that you don’t get from his immaculate studio recordings, which just levels it up for me and makes it sparkle. Grennan’s band are also all talented performer’s in their own rights and having a team of individuals like that supporting him on stage really makes the whole night.29633801_380778285724762_1573790194_o

Grennan has such a great energy and positive aura that supporting him feels like second nature, people genuinely want him to do well. I’m excited to hear the album as a whole, all the new songs sound great – “Run In The Rain” is probably my favourite at the moment. I wanted to hear more of his older songs too, but I mean if I had my way he would have just stood there and sang everything he’d ever written, so I can’t really complain. Plus, I’m probably just bitter because “Sweet Hallelujah” is my favourite.

The night as a whole was 10/10. He knows how to deliver and this means I have 29633173_380778542391403_1878906168_o.jpgno doubt that he’s going to go far. I can honestly say that I wish him all the luck in the world for his inevitable rise to the top (not that he needs it, let’s be honest). Good luck Mr Grennan.


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