The Magic Gang – The Magic Gang

The Magic GangAfter releasing a steady stream of EPs and countless live shows after over the past few years, The Magic Gang have finally answered people’s prayers and given us the sunshine-saturated album we’ve all been looking for. Featuring a combination of songs that already have a place in any fan’s heart, and newer ones too, this album really is an ode to their well-polished sound.

This album shows how sure of themselves and comfortable they are together as a band, for me their hard work has paid off in producing such a brilliant album full of delicate, sweet vocals contrasting with strong guitars and percussion. The timing of this album feels perfect, it’s just in time to soundtrack my summer and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

A change of pace for an otherwise pretty optimistic album comes in the form of “Take Care”, where a heavy piano focus starts and it’s really lovely to hear, and for me proves that they aren’t only capable of one thing. Taking on a break-up song that seems almost bizarrely sweet and tender.

Throughout this record their 60s influence becomes especially apparent – maybe I was just super ignorant when I was listening to their Eps, which is entirely possible. It’s 60s inspired but doesn’t feel stale or outdated. It’s a fresh, new twist on guitar-heavy music, in a time when this kind of music can often be overlooked, it’s great to see them sticking to their roots of just making great music that they clearly love.

I can honestly recommend that everyone gives this album a listen, it’s packed with lovely songs that are too good to miss.


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