5 Songs For This Week 05.03.18

I am having such a dull time at the moment. I definitely shouldn’t be complaining about having nothing to do now, because let’s face it soon I’m gonna be revising again and regretting the fact that I was bored and not just enjoying being chilled out. Anyway, with my extra free time I’ve had bare time to find songs that have been floating my boat.

Isaac Gracie – Last Words

After announcing the release of his album later this year (13th April), Gracie released this updated, reworked version of his first ever release which was recorded as a demo in his bedroom. I think that if you didn’t really listen to his songs, you could be mistaken to think that he was seemingly a one trick pony and simply releases ballad after ballad, but this anguish-filled song is far from previous, softer releases from him. The fleshing out of this song hasn’t taken away from the sincerity and beauty and it’s setting him up for what’s bound to be a successful year.

Indigo Husk – Not Feeling Better

Oh baby, this is just a bloody gem and a half. The juxtaposition (thanks GCSE English) of singing about ‘not feeling better’ and those sad feelings against a happier, more upbeat melody makes this song feel like a proper anthem, and oh my god is it catchy as hell ‘n all. As per usual, they’ve injected their burst of energy and explosive sound into this track, to make it feel like a bundle of joy. Indigo Husk are off on a UK tour starting 17th June and I’d highly recommend purchasing a ticket.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

I’m pretty sure there’s no scenario in which I would not be buzzin’ to hear this song (there may be, but I haven’t thought of it yet). I just love it and I’m a bit obsessed. I’d forgotten what a sick song it was, but then I played it when I was getting ready for a night out (a side effect of having too much free time) and my love for it came flooding back to me.

Pale Waves – Heavenly

Can Pale Waves do anything wrong? I think not. I’m gutted to have missed them in Leicester the other week but listening to this has kind of made up for it (or at least made me less bitter). True to form, and classically them this is just a right Jam and is setting the Manchester-based group for a really great 2018.

Sam Clines – Sharks

This is such a tune and is yet another one I play when I’m getting ready (I really don’t have a problem, I promise). It’s soulful and cool, and a little bit weird in just the right way. Normally I’d say this more like synth-based sound isn’t something that I’m that into but this song just does it for me, and I can’t really explain why (which is great when you’re trying to write about something). Anyway, it’s a solid recommend for this.


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