5 Songs For This Week 19.02.18

It’s pity central over here, I’m ill and because I’m a big fat drama queen I’m pretty sure I’m making it worse. Anyway, I’ve been taking my mind of the impending doom of exam results by watching Pretty Woman and When Harry Met Sally back to back like every night, because I’m a student in the prime of my life and I wouldn’t want to waste my time, now would I?

Icarus – Dan Owen

This is beyond lovely. On the surface – as a singer/songwriter – it would seem that what Dan Owen has to offer you could find anywhere. I honestly don’t think this is true, and this new song just proves it for me. There’s something in his songs, it’s something special that I can’t place which gives them an individual charm, which isn’t just everywhere.

I’m Not Ever Coming Back Again – Lucy Whittaker

This song gets a big love at first listen. Honestly, what’s not to like about this? Her music feels clean and glossy and it’s more than infectiously good. This is everything that’s good about pop music, it’s upbeat and happy but it’s also thoughtful. I’ve just got a lot of love for this.

J.O.Y – Martin Luke Brown

So I am just LOVING this like new era of MLB music. Following the extremely positive reception of ‘Into Yellow’ and ‘Opalite’ his third single in the last like 6 months shows no signs of slowing down. J.O.Y is bloody great. It’s soulful and groovy and just the right mount of weird. Bloody love it. 10/10.

When You Die – MGMT

A big old yes for this whole album to be honest. This song is a groove, a jam, a bop and everything in-between. There’s something deliciously 80’s this, which is probably what made it jump out to me so much. It’s different to the other songs on “Little Dark Age” but I think for people who were fans of their older music, this is a pretty good way to break them into their new tunes.

Bubblegum – YONAKA

Bloody hell, these guys are cool as hell. This EP as whole is so good it’s saucy, and this is probably the most pop-y sounding song from it, but they’ve definitely put their twist and their own sound into it. Theresa has an exciting and fresh voice (I think I might be a bit in love with her, but that’s fine). I literally think this song is one that can appeal to so many audiences, and I’m so happy for them.


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