5 Songs for This Week 12.02.18

Well if anyone was wondering how I cope with stress, the clear answer is not well. Before my first exam, I cut a fringe, which is possibly not something you should do without thinking about it, it’s always in my eyes and it’s uneven, and to be honest I’m not sure it suits me. I also started eating a weird number of grapefruits, which may not be due to stress, but just due to the fact that I was determined I hated them for so long and I’ve only just found out that I actually love them so I’m making up for two decades of hatred by eating as many as possible.

I’ve been busy being a proper chemistry student and revising and trying to understand things which I really, really don’t. However, there have been some songs released over the past few weeks which are well good and will inevitably be the soundtrack to the next few weeks for me.

Not That Special – Lily Moore

What a debut. I’m honestly in awe of Lily’s vocals, she has such a gorgeous, timeless voice that I can’t get enough of, she’s really stolen my heart. I find it hard to believe this is her first single, she has such a well-rounded sound that you’d think this came from a seasoned professional. The song itself has a warm and honest quality, which has made me exited for what’s to come from her upcoming EP.

Happy When I’m Blue – Jesper Munk

Effortlessly cool yet beyond sweet, this song made me just unbelievably happy. Sometimes I am just minding my own business and I’ll feel like I just have to listen to him right now. His velvety voice just surrounds you like a hug and I find it instantly calming, like a hot cup of tea (or warm beverage of your choice) on a cold day.

I Remember – Ady Suleiman

Yet another show-stopping voice that I just bloody love. His music has a sweet charm to it that makes me think of sun, ice cream and warm summer days. He’s anything but bland, and this song in particular just feels like a mix of everything that is truly good in the world.

Untitled – Rex Orange County

Alex O’Connor can make a tune. I’ve honestly just rotated which of the songs from ‘Apricot Princess’ has been my favourite since he released it. This is the one which I keep going back to, it’s so candid, sweet and relatable that I think it’d be difficult to find someone who didn’t love this as soon as they head it.

Sober – Tom Grennan

Can Tom Grennan do anything wrong? I’d be hard-pressed to criticise anything about his music really. This is yet another song from his upcoming album that is just fab. Great vocals great melody, great everything. Him releasing these singles is just making the – well earned – buzz around his album even bigger. I can’t wait to see him again in March.


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