5 Songs for This Week 08.01.2018

A Week into the new year, the reality of having to actually get back to work and do things that I’ve been putting off has started to sink in. I’m now I’m back at uni and I’ve gotta be focussed and do exams which I am very much not in the mood for, and have needed these songs (and all 10 seasons of Friends) to help me get motivated.

Plested – Lost for Words

This is just yet another breath-taking song from Plested. His lyrics, his voice, his everything just paint the most beautiful picture. The way he writes about feeling is so real and accurate and it honestly resonates with me so much. It’s also definitely a good thing that he releases his songs as singles, because emotionally there is no way I could deal with more than one of these songs at once. Blimey, imagine the tears that would be caused on an album written by this guy.

Bleached – Wednesday Night Melody

For Christmas, my brother got me a record player, and this Bleached record. This is the song that has been stuck in my head. Their guitar-heavy indie-rock sound is so addictive it’s mad. Their fuzzy guitar definitely evokes that general sound of bands like Nirvana and it’s so nice to have some female voices on a track like this, it makes it feel so fresh I think.

Rex Orange County – Best Friend

This guy is, again, someone who writes with such raw honesty that it’d be impossible not to relate to what he’s singing. He has a completely gorgeous voice and that combined with his lyrics and production is a pretty much lethal combo, it’s hard to resist. This song in particular has really stuck out to me and I pretty much listen to it every day, I just think it’s great to be honest.

Tom Grennan – I Might

Anyone likely to get bored of hearing how great I think Tom Grennan is, should probably just not read anything I write this year, because he’s just going to be everywhere. This is just yet another fantastic song, whilst I personally loved his songs that were more stripped back and raw feeling, this is just as beautiful. There’s a soulful and gravelly quality to his voice that just begs to be listened to. “I Might” is just an insight into what’s yet to come this year.

Chappaqua Wrestling – Only You Could Know

This song has elements of sounds from all my favourite bands and artists in it and they come together to just make this incredible sounding song that has really taken me by surprise and blown me away. I feel like I’m probably just being dead dim, but I can’t find them anywhere online, which is a massive bummer. Anyway, this is such a summer song, I don’t know what makes me say that but it’s just the general feeling I get. It probably has something to do with the dreamy tone of their voice and the slightly fuzzy sound of their guitars making me feel like I’m in a hazy dream.  I’d say it’s definitely worth a listen.


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