Ones To Watch in 2018: Fickle Friends

22879388_322479618221296_1529741721_oIt seems well overdue for Brighton-based Fickle Friends to release an album. Their positive-yet-honest songs make for a completely irresistible listen that people will no doubt love. Over the past year, their singles have gained considerable air-time on mainstream radio – most notably ‘Hard to Be Myself’ being added to the radio 1 playlist and “Swim” being featured in Pitch Perfect 3.

Their debut ‘You Are Someone Else’ releases March  16th 2018,  including a mixture of new and well-loved songs from them. Not only are their songs beautiful, but live I think they really come into their own. Seeing them live really lets Natti’s voice to shine through, and it really made me take notice of them and how much I actually love their music. I wish them all the best for the new year.

Fickle Friends are on tour during early next year, find tickets here.


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