Ones To Watch in 2018: Tom Grennan

25991258_343967719405819_1375482569_oThere’s no one that comes across quite as humble and kind as Tom Grennan. He seems so genuinely grateful for every success that comes his way, which is so endearing and makes you want to support him even more. His raspy, soulful vocals have already captured the hearts of so many people, and are bound to pique the interest of many more in the coming year with his debut album “Lighting Matches” releasing March 9th 2018.

The unique start to his career is probably fuel for Grennan’s sweet nature on stage. After discovering his love for singing at a house party (not too long ago) he taught himself to play the guitar and travelled around on his own gigging anywhere and everywhere before featuring on Chase and Status song “All Goes Wrong”, which brought him his first large influx of fans.

The early success of singles “Something in The Water” and “Found What I’ve Been Looking For” are clear indicators of how much people love this guy, and quite frankly what’s not to love?  I wish him all the best of luck for a year he’s gonna dominate, all the best Mr Grennan.

Tom is touring after the release of his album, find tickets here.


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