5 Songs for Single Gals

As the self-proclaimed Bridget Jones of my friends (at the start of the first movie – not later on when she has two men chasing after her) I would like to preface this by saying that there’s nothing wrong with being single, most of the time it’s fab. However, there are times when it feels crap and lonely and you feel a bit sad. It’s times like this when I need Beyoncé to pick me up and tell me I’m better than that and to get a grip. I would apologise that some of these songs are dead cheesy, but I’ not sorry, sometimes it’s just what ya need.

Single Ladies – Beyonce

This could be replaced with so many other Bey songs, but this has gotta be the OG, and the one that every girl turns to when they need perking up in this situation. No-one does a female empowerment song quite like Beyonce, and makes it feel so easy to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get on with it. I can say with my hand on my heart that there’s not a time when me and the girls have gone out that this hasn’t been blasted at pres, there’s just something unbeatable about this song.

No Scrubs – TLC

I dare someone to find a better song about not needing a man. This is something I listen to every time I am getting ready for a night out without fail. It’s a tune, an anthem, it’s everything. Honestly, nothing could replace this as probably THE most empowering single gal song. It reminds you to hold out for the right person and not just any person.

Power – Little Mix

This is a newer one, but it’s bloody golden. It’s such a gem and always serves its purpose which is to snap you out of feeling sad and sorry for yourself. I honestly feel beyond powerful when I listen to this, and ready to take on anything.

F**k You – Cee Lo Green

Sometimes this is all you feel and all you wanna say, and what song is better at saying it than this one? I am realising at this point that this list of songs is sounding like the most generic night out ever and what can I say? – I’m a generic girl. Nothing feels more cathartic than being a lil bit tipsy with the gas and singing this at the top of our lungs.

Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Again, with Lady Gaga, there are so many songs that are perfect for when you’re feeling bit sad. For me, this one just actually speaks to me, because I am a firm believer that a little bit of dancing goes a long way so for me she’s just saying exactly what I’m thinking.



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