5 Songs For This Week 27.11.17

I’ve been crap at writing which is weird considering I’ve been listening to different stuff all the time. I am definitely going to use Uni as an excuse. I have actually been dead busy with coursework, labs and presentations, but anyway, that’s not what this is about. My music taste has been a bit all over the place because that’s exactly how I’ve felt all month, so I guess this might make perfect sense or no sense at all.

Sam Clines – Sharks

I literally have no idea how I came across this song, but I’m well glad I did. There’s something really cool about this, and the overall sound kind of reminds me of Jack Garratt, but there’s something a bit more fresh and unpolished about it, which makes it even more appealing to me. I think that this song is one that would appeal to most people, it’s chill without being boring and there’s still an element of upbeat-ness to it too.

Bad Sounds – Are You High?

After seeing them last week I’m beyond obsessed with Bad Sounds. There’s something completely brilliant about their weird and wonderful sound. ‘Are You High?’ is completely on form for them, it’s massive. I can’t imagine a time where I’d listen to this and not want to dance, but to be honest, that goes for literally all of their songs, but I think this is a typically great song from them, that’s just setting them up for a huge 2018.

Kareen Lomax – Ivebeenupfordays

I’ve been looking for more female voices to listen to and Kareen has a bloody gorgeous voice, and her music is incredibly chilled out and beautiful. I feel like I’ve been addicted to listening to her voice, it’s so soulful and everything she sings seems so poignant, accompanied by pretty groovy melodies.

Off Bloom – Falcon Eye

I can’t get enough of Off Bloom. They’re amazing. I think the fact they’re each music producers in their own right means they know exactly what sounds good, and what people will love to listen to. Every time I’ve gone out recently (which is not often – because I’m basically an old woman now and go to bed at 10:30) I’ve played this almost on repeat whilst I’ve got ready. I find it so empowering for some reason. I think it’s beyond fab and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2018.

FREAK – No Money

The reasons I like FREAK are almost the exact same reason I like Rat Boy and Jamie T. I find the way they all right lyrics so clever and I enjoy the chaos in their sound. That sound that a song hasn’t been over-edited is something I really appreciate. No Money has got stuck in my head so many times, and I can’t complain at all, at least it’s a good song stuck in my head.


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