5 Songs for This Week 06.11.17

These are all pretty recent releases from these guys,  and I can’t really fault any of them at all. I fully realise I bang on about most of these guys all the time, but it’s only because I think they’re fab and I genuinely can’t get enough of them. Honestly, I feel like I have no choice when they’re putting out music like this, not talking about it would just feel wrong.

Chloe howl – Do It Alone

“Do It Alone” has really cemented the idea that Chloe Howl is making a real comeback. Not only is basically every song Chloe puts out catchy beyond belief, but she’s also possibly one of the most beautiful people in the world and I might be a little bit in love with her. “Do It Alone” is a song that’ll be familiar to so many girls, about how crappy it feels to be ‘the other girl’ and not wanting to play that role in someone else’s relationship. This sound fresh, free, sleek and polished and it’s more than you could hope for following the success of her huge return with “Magnetic” over the summer.

Indigo husk – Waste of A Year

My absolute favourite discovery of the past few months – Indigo Husk – have dropped yet another banger that is possibly their best yet. There’s a quality about their music that I literally can’t help but love and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I guess it’s the fact that their songs don’t seem over-edited or over-produced so they have this rawness to them that feels friendly and familiar. “Waste of A Year” feels pretty self-explanatory, feeling like what you had with someone was a complete waste of time and effort. Their signature style that feels like a collision of about 5 different genres at once makes this song another irresistible listen.

Marsicans – throw ourselves in

Leads based baes Marsicans are really making their mark with their upbeat-indie-dance-worthy singles. “Throw Ourselves In” is no exception to this. It’s a little more raw around the edges than their usual perfectly polished sound, and I really appreciate this slight change. I would seriously challenge someone to not fall head over heels for them after hearing this song. Detailing that feeling of being desperate to just dive head first into a relationship, regardless of whether it will end in heartbreak, they’ve come out with yet another bloody beauty.

Cameron Bloomfield – Change

If you’re not already listening to Cameron Bloomfield you’re doing something wrong. This is an absolute tune and it’s refreshingly different in the way his soulful voice really meshes well with the funk piano in the background. “Change” feels nostalgic but modern which – granted – seems like a weird mix but it just works. The whole “The Night Before” EP is definitely worth a listen but this song – the opening track is the one that immediately captured me, there was something effortlessly charming about it and to be honest I think everyone should just be listening to it right now.

Sam Fender – Start Again

My fave Geordie boy has released yet another massive song. Start again is the perfect demonstration of his soulful vocals against the guitar-heavy track is completely irresistible to me. After releasing “Millenial” a few months ago to hit back at the media always saying that millennials work too little and complain too much “Start Again” feels equally politically charged.  Attacking the world as we know it. Whilst I love a good romantic, cute song as much as the next person, something that really appeals to me about Fender’s music is that it’s not all love songs, it’s often more tongue-in-cheek and critical of society, which makes him really stand out as someone who’s going places.



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