5 Songs for This Week 07.08.17

Yet again backwards and forwards on the train in the hopes of getting a job (it’s actually looking quite hopeful at the moment!) so I’ve had the chance to just listen to some new songs with no distractions.


Saying I’m beyond excited for Scum to be released would be really underselling myself. Everything he does has a really creative and individual take on it. Though most of his songs seem to have a kind of irresistible rebellion about them, this is actually quite a sweet song but still with the kind of the individuality that makes it so obviously Rat Boy.

Deadcrush – Alt J

Okay, so as much as I love Alt J, all I hear whenever I listen to them is that video of those two really high guys making an “Alt J” song. Nonetheless, this is a truly signature Alt J sounding tracks, even if the breathing sounds at the beginning do put me slightly on edge. It sounds super cool and has that hypnotic sound that they always manage to capture.

Lover – Model Aeroplanes

You can’t not dance to this song, pretty sure it’s medically impossible not to, even if you’re listening on headphones in public. I pretty much love everything that these guys do, their upbeat indie pop sound is lovely and just makes so a really fun listen all round.

Polish Girl – Neon Indian

This is such a chill song, and for me it’s really summery. It’s one of those songs that makes me wanna lie on a beach all day and then go out all night (I fully realise that lying on a beach all day would turn me into an actual lobster, but that’s not the point). For anyone that’s a fan of MGMT, this is something that you’ll absolutely be obsessing over.

Postcards – Meadowlark

This is just such a beautiful song. It’s a complete pleasure to listen to such a beautiful voice and I don’t really have much else to say about this song other than repeatedly using the word beautiful.


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