5 Songs for This Week 24.07.17

Another pretty laid-back week for me, nothing too exciting, but it’s been nice to be home and catch up with old friends and just do nothing together. However, there’s been some cracking Album releases this week and some songs that I’ve really been in to.

You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

Sunday marked 6 years since Amy died, and every day I think about how heart-breaking it is to have lost someone who was as bursting with talent as she was. This is by far my favourite Amy song, and I’ve never been – and never will be – bored of listening to it. Of course, all her songs were beautiful and emotional but this one has always caught my attention because I really think you can feel every word. It’s not that I can relate to this song, but I think it’s such a different way for a song to be written. In a way, I guess it’s a love song, but it’s from a different angle to most, and that’s what makes it such a stand out song for me.

Into Yellow – Martin Luke Brown

Oh my days this song is gorgeous. Something I’ve always loved about Martin’s music is how personal it seems, and there’s something about his recent songs, and especially this one that have an extra level of vulnerability and honesty, which is lovely to see in music, because sometimes that honesty can be lost along the way. Into Yellow is a million miles away from his earlier releases, but I like that, it shows that he’s experimental and yet you can always tell if a song is his, because there’s just something about his music that sets him apart from other artists that would be classed as similar to him.

Tokyo – Dan Croll

I’ve been buzzing for this album for a while, because Dan Croll is yet to release a single song that I’ve not been into. This is probably my favourite song off the new album, there’s just something so groovy (I know that is a super mum word but it’s actually appropriate) and different about it, and it just really stood out to me. I put it on for my friends the other day and didn’t get shouted at to change the music – which is rare. I honestly think the whole album is worth a listen, but this song in particular is proper good.

Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya – YONAKA

This has crept into my running playlist over the last week, I find it well motivational and there’s not a chance in hell I’m stopping when this starts playing. There’s such a cool feeling to this song, and I just can’t get enough of it really, it’s like effortlessly cool. I think this band are about to have such an amazing year, I can just feel it.

Make Me Your Queen – Declan McKenna

Yet another album I’ve been beyond excited to hear, and it really did not disappoint. This song just screams Declan McKenna to me, like this is beautiful and thoughtful and clever all rolled into one, and is somewhat different to Brazil and The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, yet it’s obviously still him and oh my god I just love it.


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