5 Songs for This Week 17/07/17

So far, I’ve been having a pretty laid back summer, I’ve had a few driving lessons but other than that I’ve mainly just been hanging about (which I guess is shorthand for being lazy). Anyway, here are 5 songs that have been floating my boat which I think are definitely worth a listen.

Blossoms – At Most a Kiss

I bloody love this, and what I love about Blossoms is when you’re listening to their album you can definitely tell it’s them, they have a very unique dreamy sound, but throughout the album they still experiment with different sounds which makes for an interesting and engaging listen. At Most a Kiss is what I’d describe as maybe one of the rockier songs on the album, not that I would describe it as rock but there’s something pretty badass about it which I love.

Beyoncé – I’d Rather Go Blind

Not that I have to tell anyone to go and Listen to Bey, she really doesn’t need any promotion at all does she? However, in honour of the birth of her twins I’ve rediscovered (as if it ever went anywhere) my love of her and her music. I guess this would be one of her less known songs. I was introduced to it by my friend Katie who insisted that I watch Cadillac Records and listen to this song (she was right, it’s a great film). Anyway, this is a beautiful song and is definitely shower worthy because you can really (attempt to) belt it out.

Grace Ackerman – Feel like Home

Blimey, this is a bit of a tune. Grace has such an amazing voice and as her first solo track Feel like Home really sets the tone for hopefully many more songs to come. It’s exciting to see what she has in store for the future. To be honest it wasn’t really what I was expecting from here, but it’s been a lovely surprise and I think it’s worth a listen or two.

Jordan Mackampa – Tear Drops in a Hurricane

This song really crept up on me, I was sure that my favourite song of his was Yours to Keep, but then I always catch myself singing this to myself when I’m just walking about not thinking about anything. That is the mark of a good song for me, it really crept up on me. It’s so beautiful (as per) and now I think I’m fully addicted to it and I can’t seem to put how gorgeously blissful this song is into words.

Orla Gartland – Souvenirs

This is such a sweet song and again, it’s one that I never realised how much I listened to until I looked at my spotify statistics and this was actually dead near the top. It’s got to be something to do with the fact that it’s pretty good for all moods, like if you’re sad and need cheering up this is perfect, or if you’re already feeling happy and want to walk with an extra spring in your step this just boosts your mood even more, at least I find that’s the effect it has on me.


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