Mowbeck // The Bodega // 07.07.2017

19859048_282214065581185_193092472_oNottingham natives Mowbeck took to the stage at The Bodega yet again for an impressive performance before they go off to write and record their album. Whilst festival blues were just starting to hit me after Barn on the farm, it was super lovely to go and see these boys perform again.

As always, I was probably a bit optimistic with the train I got, so arrived at the venue earlier than I’d anticipated. When doors opened I decided that I’d earned a reward (for doing absolutely nothing – treat yo’self) so I bought myself a drink – amaretto and cranberry if you’re interested. And found somewhere to stand for the evening.

19866762_282135942255664_1283974352_oSupport came from Cherry Hex and The Dream Church, a duo also originating from Notts. Normally I like to listen to a few songs by everyone I’m seeing to get a sense of what I’m going to be seeing, but it had completely slipped my mind to listen to these guys. They have a kind of dreamy indie vibe about them and I’m really not mad about it at all. Think along the lines of alt-J, but with more xylophone. I thought they were really good and particularly the lead singer caught my attention, she has such a cool, strong voice (but I was also obsessed with her dress, it was beaut). I’d recommend listening to their newest song Toska especially, if you fancy it.

19840326_282135945588997_305313696_oAt around 9, the Mowbeck boys took to the stage to treat us to their tunes, and what a treat it was. These guys have a sound that reminds me somewhat of All Time Low and bands like that that I used to listen to, if they had been along the slightly more indie route. I absolutely love their music, and lead singer Andy was constantly building a relationship with the crowd and making everyone dance, which was not an easy task on that night. I wish there had been a bit more energy from the crowd, to give something back to a band who were giving us everything.

I think Mowbeck have an extremely bright future ahead of them after The Basement was recently chosen as a BBC Radio 1 track of the day, something which doesn’t easily happen for bands without management. These guys are completely independent and I think their hard work really paid off with the releases of their recent songs. All I can say is keep on doing what you’re doing boys because you’re definitely doing it right.


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