5 Songs for This Week 20.03.18

Guess who’s been down a procrastination hole for the last 4 days? If you guessed me you’d be right. I have honestly spent the last three hours reading Shakespeare conspiracy theories, that no one can actually have answers to at all, but now I know a lot more than I used to about Sir Frances Bacon, so I’ll leave you to decide if it was actually a waste of time.

GIRLI – Play It Cool

Girli nails it yet again. Staying true to her often brutally honest, tongue-in-cheek style she tackles the ever-relatable issue of liking someone who doesn’t like you back. “Play It Cool” is immensely catchy, and positive despite being a somewhat depressing overall theme – but I guess life’s gotta go on hasn’t it.

Martin Luke Brown – Grit Your Teeth

I’m sorry but when did MLB start cracking out a series of solid bangers??? I must have missed that memo, but my god am I here for it. This is honestly such a bop, I had to fight not to start like dancing to it on my way home the other day, which would have actually greatly improved an otherwise dull 4-hour journey. Anyway, this is a solid song and is well worth a listen for anybody.

Amber Run – The Weight

In true Amber Run style, this is completely gorgeous. It relies heavily on vocals, so it’s a good job that this song didn’t need much else, the harmonies are delicious and as per Joe’s voice is stunning. A superb single and hopefully is just a taste of things soon to come from the band.

IDER – Body Love

Yet more tasty harmonies here. This track is a delight to listen to, it’s dreamy but fun and catchy. More Mellow than their other songs, but to me this song, in particular, made me pay attention to this duo. There’s honestly nothing not to like about this, and you’d be silly not to listen right now.

Jabbawoki – Femme Fatale

Corr, this is well groovy. I can’t really get enough of it, it’s just such a cool song, and I wanna be cool too, and listening to this will make that happen, right? It’s short and sweet, and with a catchy bassline and strong vocals, quite frankly, what’s not to like?


The Magic Gang – The Magic Gang

The Magic GangAfter releasing a steady stream of EPs and countless live shows after over the past few years, The Magic Gang have finally answered people’s prayers and given us the sunshine-saturated album we’ve all been looking for. Featuring a combination of songs that already have a place in any fan’s heart, and newer ones too, this album really is an ode to their well-polished sound.

This album shows how sure of themselves and comfortable they are together as a band, for me their hard work has paid off in producing such a brilliant album full of delicate, sweet vocals contrasting with strong guitars and percussion. The timing of this album feels perfect, it’s just in time to soundtrack my summer and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

A change of pace for an otherwise pretty optimistic album comes in the form of “Take Care”, where a heavy piano focus starts and it’s really lovely to hear, and for me proves that they aren’t only capable of one thing. Taking on a break-up song that seems almost bizarrely sweet and tender.

Throughout this record their 60s influence becomes especially apparent – maybe I was just super ignorant when I was listening to their Eps, which is entirely possible. It’s 60s inspired but doesn’t feel stale or outdated. It’s a fresh, new twist on guitar-heavy music, in a time when this kind of music can often be overlooked, it’s great to see them sticking to their roots of just making great music that they clearly love.

I can honestly recommend that everyone gives this album a listen, it’s packed with lovely songs that are too good to miss.

Memories – Ady Suleiman

Ady SuleimanThis album feels like it’s been years in the making, and my god has it been worth the wait. After signing to Syco in 2016 but deciding the fit wasn’t right last year, he’s released a debut that’s sure to stop many people in their tracks. “Memories” is easily one of the best-flowing, most cohesive album I’ve heard for a long time.

The use of brass in “Longing for Your Love” especially really adds an element of interest that you don’t find so much in a lot of songs at the moment. Following on from that “Serious” is possibly my favourite song on the album – if I had to pick right now – I have found it so catchy and just a pure delight to listen to. His sound combines elements of like Blues, Soul and Jazz in a way that’s effortlessly modern. The flow of this record takes you on a journey with Suleiman in every song and they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, which feels like something he worked really hard to achieve.

Right now, I’m just gonna take a minute to gush about Ady’s Voice. It’s beyond phenomenal. He has an absolutely jaw-dropping range, and besides that, his voice is just lovely. It sounds like the feeling of eating chocolate, it’s so smooth and sweet and it just makes me so so happy. From the start of cheeky, but almost dorky “I Remember” right through to the end of “Sad Story”, “Memories” is a delight to listen to.

Overall this is honestly such a stunning debut and it really shows what Suleiman’s capable of and it feels like the start of something truly special.

5 Songs For This Week 05.03.18

I am having such a dull time at the moment. I definitely shouldn’t be complaining about having nothing to do now, because let’s face it soon I’m gonna be revising again and regretting the fact that I was bored and not just enjoying being chilled out. Anyway, with my extra free time I’ve had bare time to find songs that have been floating my boat.

Isaac Gracie – Last Words

After announcing the release of his album later this year (13th April), Gracie released this updated, reworked version of his first ever release which was recorded as a demo in his bedroom. I think that if you didn’t really listen to his songs, you could be mistaken to think that he was seemingly a one trick pony and simply releases ballad after ballad, but this anguish-filled song is far from previous, softer releases from him. The fleshing out of this song hasn’t taken away from the sincerity and beauty and it’s setting him up for what’s bound to be a successful year.

Indigo Husk – Not Feeling Better

Oh baby, this is just a bloody gem and a half. The juxtaposition (thanks GCSE English) of singing about ‘not feeling better’ and those sad feelings against a happier, more upbeat melody makes this song feel like a proper anthem, and oh my god is it catchy as hell ‘n all. As per usual, they’ve injected their burst of energy and explosive sound into this track, to make it feel like a bundle of joy. Indigo Husk are off on a UK tour starting 17th June and I’d highly recommend purchasing a ticket.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

I’m pretty sure there’s no scenario in which I would not be buzzin’ to hear this song (there may be, but I haven’t thought of it yet). I just love it and I’m a bit obsessed. I’d forgotten what a sick song it was, but then I played it when I was getting ready for a night out (a side effect of having too much free time) and my love for it came flooding back to me.

Pale Waves – Heavenly

Can Pale Waves do anything wrong? I think not. I’m gutted to have missed them in Leicester the other week but listening to this has kind of made up for it (or at least made me less bitter). True to form, and classically them this is just a right Jam and is setting the Manchester-based group for a really great 2018.

Sam Clines – Sharks

This is such a tune and is yet another one I play when I’m getting ready (I really don’t have a problem, I promise). It’s soulful and cool, and a little bit weird in just the right way. Normally I’d say this more like synth-based sound isn’t something that I’m that into but this song just does it for me, and I can’t really explain why (which is great when you’re trying to write about something). Anyway, it’s a solid recommend for this.

Sam Fender // The Bodega // 24.02.18

Sam Fender is probably the act that I’ve been most excited about emerging this year and seeing him live was as great as expected. I first heard of Sam and his music when he was an act at last year’s Barn on The Farm Festival, and it’s been a pretty speedy rise for Mr Fender since then.28504888_369309933538264_2048613131_o


Support for the night came from Brooke Bentham, who was so cool it actually hurt me a bit. Wearing a pair of red platform shoes that had my jaw on the floor with envy and possibly the coolest trousers I’ve ever seen, she took to the stage with just her guitar to give a truly lovely performance. She had a kind of hypnotic voice, and I thought that her sound, in general, was just beyond cool (and I can confirm this after listening to her all morning).

28460387_369310003538257_508502807_oBloody Hell Sam fender is attractive, the boy’s face has more structure to it than anything in my life could ever hope to. It feels like there’s no way there could be any truth in him joking that he has “a punchable face” before starting to play ‘Friday Fighting’. Anyway, aesthetics aside it’s hard to believe that these songs are only 9 months in the making. Playing a mix of released and new material gave a taste of what he has to bring to the table.

The way he writes is what really makes him stand out to me. It’s how politically charged, and tongue in cheek some of his songs are that sets him apart from a lot of music at the moment. He isn’t just writing about love, (in fact, he’s yet to release a straight-up love song) he writes about experiences. I’ve gotta say that ‘Play God’ is completely haunting as a concept and the combination of slightly unsettlingly real lyrics and his deep, soulful voice serves to make him someone that isn’t easily ignored.

28503827_369309946871596_1440068709_oProbably my favourite song he’s released so far has been ‘Greasy Spoon’ because it’s so unusual to hear a young guy discuss (I am not sure that discuss is the right word here, but it’s the one I’m going with) the issue of what it’s like to be a woman in a society dominated by men. Rather than feeling the need to patronise and explain our feelings to us, Fender uses more of a third person narrative to tell a story.

His vocals are beyond what you’d expect live, and I think that it’s safe to say that he’s about to have a phenomenal year here, and I hope he comes back to Nottingham sooner rather than later.

5 Songs For This Week 19.02.18

It’s pity central over here, I’m ill and because I’m a big fat drama queen I’m pretty sure I’m making it worse. Anyway, I’ve been taking my mind of the impending doom of exam results by watching Pretty Woman and When Harry Met Sally back to back like every night, because I’m a student in the prime of my life and I wouldn’t want to waste my time, now would I?

Icarus – Dan Owen

This is beyond lovely. On the surface – as a singer/songwriter – it would seem that what Dan Owen has to offer you could find anywhere. I honestly don’t think this is true, and this new song just proves it for me. There’s something in his songs, it’s something special that I can’t place which gives them an individual charm, which isn’t just everywhere.

I’m Not Ever Coming Back Again – Lucy Whittaker

This song gets a big love at first listen. Honestly, what’s not to like about this? Her music feels clean and glossy and it’s more than infectiously good. This is everything that’s good about pop music, it’s upbeat and happy but it’s also thoughtful. I’ve just got a lot of love for this.

J.O.Y – Martin Luke Brown

So I am just LOVING this like new era of MLB music. Following the extremely positive reception of ‘Into Yellow’ and ‘Opalite’ his third single in the last like 6 months shows no signs of slowing down. J.O.Y is bloody great. It’s soulful and groovy and just the right mount of weird. Bloody love it. 10/10.

When You Die – MGMT

A big old yes for this whole album to be honest. This song is a groove, a jam, a bop and everything in-between. There’s something deliciously 80’s this, which is probably what made it jump out to me so much. It’s different to the other songs on “Little Dark Age” but I think for people who were fans of their older music, this is a pretty good way to break them into their new tunes.

Bubblegum – YONAKA

Bloody hell, these guys are cool as hell. This EP as whole is so good it’s saucy, and this is probably the most pop-y sounding song from it, but they’ve definitely put their twist and their own sound into it. Theresa has an exciting and fresh voice (I think I might be a bit in love with her, but that’s fine). I literally think this song is one that can appeal to so many audiences, and I’m so happy for them.

5 Songs for This Week 12.02.18

Well if anyone was wondering how I cope with stress, the clear answer is not well. Before my first exam, I cut a fringe, which is possibly not something you should do without thinking about it, it’s always in my eyes and it’s uneven, and to be honest I’m not sure it suits me. I also started eating a weird number of grapefruits, which may not be due to stress, but just due to the fact that I was determined I hated them for so long and I’ve only just found out that I actually love them so I’m making up for two decades of hatred by eating as many as possible.

I’ve been busy being a proper chemistry student and revising and trying to understand things which I really, really don’t. However, there have been some songs released over the past few weeks which are well good and will inevitably be the soundtrack to the next few weeks for me.

Not That Special – Lily Moore

What a debut. I’m honestly in awe of Lily’s vocals, she has such a gorgeous, timeless voice that I can’t get enough of, she’s really stolen my heart. I find it hard to believe this is her first single, she has such a well-rounded sound that you’d think this came from a seasoned professional. The song itself has a warm and honest quality, which has made me exited for what’s to come from her upcoming EP.

Happy When I’m Blue – Jesper Munk

Effortlessly cool yet beyond sweet, this song made me just unbelievably happy. Sometimes I am just minding my own business and I’ll feel like I just have to listen to him right now. His velvety voice just surrounds you like a hug and I find it instantly calming, like a hot cup of tea (or warm beverage of your choice) on a cold day.

I Remember – Ady Suleiman

Yet another show-stopping voice that I just bloody love. His music has a sweet charm to it that makes me think of sun, ice cream and warm summer days. He’s anything but bland, and this song in particular just feels like a mix of everything that is truly good in the world.

Untitled – Rex Orange County

Alex O’Connor can make a tune. I’ve honestly just rotated which of the songs from ‘Apricot Princess’ has been my favourite since he released it. This is the one which I keep going back to, it’s so candid, sweet and relatable that I think it’d be difficult to find someone who didn’t love this as soon as they head it.

Sober – Tom Grennan

Can Tom Grennan do anything wrong? I’d be hard-pressed to criticise anything about his music really. This is yet another song from his upcoming album that is just fab. Great vocals great melody, great everything. Him releasing these singles is just making the – well earned – buzz around his album even bigger. I can’t wait to see him again in March.

5 Songs for This Week 08.01.2018

A Week into the new year, the reality of having to actually get back to work and do things that I’ve been putting off has started to sink in. I’m now I’m back at uni and I’ve gotta be focussed and do exams which I am very much not in the mood for, and have needed these songs (and all 10 seasons of Friends) to help me get motivated.

Plested – Lost for Words

This is just yet another breath-taking song from Plested. His lyrics, his voice, his everything just paint the most beautiful picture. The way he writes about feeling is so real and accurate and it honestly resonates with me so much. It’s also definitely a good thing that he releases his songs as singles, because emotionally there is no way I could deal with more than one of these songs at once. Blimey, imagine the tears that would be caused on an album written by this guy.

Bleached – Wednesday Night Melody

For Christmas, my brother got me a record player, and this Bleached record. This is the song that has been stuck in my head. Their guitar-heavy indie-rock sound is so addictive it’s mad. Their fuzzy guitar definitely evokes that general sound of bands like Nirvana and it’s so nice to have some female voices on a track like this, it makes it feel so fresh I think.

Rex Orange County – Best Friend

This guy is, again, someone who writes with such raw honesty that it’d be impossible not to relate to what he’s singing. He has a completely gorgeous voice and that combined with his lyrics and production is a pretty much lethal combo, it’s hard to resist. This song in particular has really stuck out to me and I pretty much listen to it every day, I just think it’s great to be honest.

Tom Grennan – I Might

Anyone likely to get bored of hearing how great I think Tom Grennan is, should probably just not read anything I write this year, because he’s just going to be everywhere. This is just yet another fantastic song, whilst I personally loved his songs that were more stripped back and raw feeling, this is just as beautiful. There’s a soulful and gravelly quality to his voice that just begs to be listened to. “I Might” is just an insight into what’s yet to come this year.

Chappaqua Wrestling – Only You Could Know

This song has elements of sounds from all my favourite bands and artists in it and they come together to just make this incredible sounding song that has really taken me by surprise and blown me away. I feel like I’m probably just being dead dim, but I can’t find them anywhere online, which is a massive bummer. Anyway, this is such a summer song, I don’t know what makes me say that but it’s just the general feeling I get. It probably has something to do with the dreamy tone of their voice and the slightly fuzzy sound of their guitars making me feel like I’m in a hazy dream.  I’d say it’s definitely worth a listen.

Ones To Watch in 2018: Rex Orange County

rex orange county.pngLondon Based Alex O’Connor has completely stolen my heart in 2017, and I can’t even imagine what he has in store for 2018 that could be even better. After being ‘discovered’ by Tyler, The Creator in 2016, he’s just gone from strength to strength.

The release of his album “Apricot Princess” earlier this year brought an influx of fans and critical acclaim, and not for no reason. “Apricot Princess” is one of the most beautiful, honest and candid albums of 2017. The way he expresses himself can at times be so blunt and brutally honest that it’s unexpected. It’s fresh and new, and it’s a modern description of love that is sometimes ignored in favour of an older more romanticised view.

I actually can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2018, it’ll be exciting to hear what’s next for him.

Ones To Watch in 2018: Pale Waves

After a beyond Successful 2017, Pale Waves are set to take over 2018. After being signed to one of the buzziest labels around and, gaining a large following in their hometown of Manchester Pale Waves had a successful festival season and the year saw them releasing 4 singles, which were all well received and definitely grew their popularity.pale waves

For lovers of The 1975, Pale Waves sound really fits the bill (possibly as 2 of their singles were produced by frontman Matty Healy). They have a similar, dreamy pop sound – self proclaimed as “Nineties inspired indie-pop feels, drenched in reverb and glitter” – but they’re different enough to make you stop and listen to them. Their feel-good sound combined with painfully relatable lyrics is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Touring in the early months of next year (tickets here) is sure to bring them an even larger following and more – well deserved – fans than ever.